'Po Boys Toys for Tots Season Closer

Bright sun, warm temps and blue skies brought over 300 Classics and vehicles of all kinds to the 'Po Boys season closer, Saturday October 18.

"It always amazes me that after doing this for almost 20 years, people continue to bring cars we've never seen before," said Keith Klein, the Club's past President. "I don't think we've ever had two Monster Trucks here at the same time," he added. 
The day marked the Club's annual event to support the Toys for Tots Program. "There are a lot of underprivileged kids out there. This event gives us and the many car owners in attendance the opportunity to make a difference to their community," commented Greg Fields, 'Po Boys Club President.

Well before the last cars arrived, the generosity of the car owners was very evident. The pick-up truck bed used as a collection point for all of the toys was piled high. Some people even brought bicycles, which were lined up by the raffle tent. 
As in years past and in addition to season long support, numerous sponsors including Summit Racing, Bill Holt Chevrolet, Garagistry, O'Charly's, and O'Rielly's Auto Parts and others have supported the club's charity efforts by donating items for the hourly and Toys for Tots raffle drawings. 

We'd also like to give a shout out to "DJ Ray" for his efforts to drive donations and entertain the crowd. "It takes a lot of work for the Club to do this," said DeLuca. "And it takes the entire Club, family, friends, our sponsors and the hundreds of people who bring their cars to make all of this possible."

Funds from the entry donations and Toys for Tots Raffle are used to raise money for charity. The goal of this year's raffle was to fund the purchase of bicycles for the Program. The drawing included, among other items, a pair of pedal cars donated by Summit Racing and a $100 cash prize.

To assist the club's efforts, Garagistry provided a complementary Collector level membership to every Classic car owner in attendance and a special "Two-for-One Raffle". For $1, each entry provided a chance to win a gift basket of car models and everything needed to assemble them worth over $150.00 and a second chance in the 50/50 drawing with all net proceeds to be donated to the Toys for Tots bicycle fund.

"It was a very successful effort," said Fred Prybol, Garagistry's Founder and President. "We met our goals of raising additional funds for charity, acquiring new members and the opportunity to thank the many existing members who visited the display." 

"With only minutes before our drawings, we were swamped. I knew we would have a sizable donation," Prybol added.
In an exceptional display of charity support, immediately upon reaching the awards tent, the winner of the Garagistry 50/50 drawing declined to accept the prize. He wanted it to be added to the bicycle fund, now totaling an estimated $3,000.00. 

"That will buy a lot of bicycles," added Fields. "Each year the Club uses the funds to order as many bicycles as possible. We assemble each one, then organize a caravan of vehicles to deliver the bicycles to the Toys for Tots collection point."
As The Sun Began to Set
Lou Aloisio (center) and helpers load up the transfer van
The crowd began to disburse from the last event of this season. One by one the Classics roared to life, idling their way out of the lot. Some saluted another successful year as they entered the highway by using the "loud pedal".  

We'd like to say "Thank You" to all of our members who are Preserving Automotive History...One Car at a Time®, the many people who attended this year's events and their help to raise funds to support local charities. Of course, this also means the event season is now in full swing to our South and West, so keep an eye out for more event coverage.