Heidi Hetzer World Tour - Update #17


There has been very little new information posted since our last update almost 3 weeks ago. But from what we can report, all of the delays and mechanical issues brought progress to a halt. After attempting to enter China with available documentation failed miserably. Heidi and the Hudo were turned around at the border.


Adding insult to injury, it appears the border patrol decided the best way to prevent the Hudo from attempting an illegal entry into China, was to remove whatever type of vehicle pass was affixed to the vehicle. The removal seems rather harsh. One might expect the removal of the adhesive backed applique, but instead the corner of the license plate where the sticker had been applied was cut off. The photo appears to reflect it was bent back and forth until the metal simply cracked. 

We're completely in the dark on if the action was customary, or potentially the result of a certain person's history of demanding actions vs. asking for assistance. The result was Heidi and the Hudo returned to Almaty for an extended stay. With no proper vehicle permit for either China or Kazakhstan, it appears the car may have been parked this entire time. The Instagram photos show the car has been unloaded and within the grounds of a hotel. The GPS tracking device used by Heidi also does not reflect anything different for the Hudson. 

Heidi has asked for assistance for anyone traveling from Germany to Kazakhstan, hopeful to find a courier to deliver new visa documents and a replacement license plate. The translated post indicates that after 3 weeks, such a person was found, but also seems to reflect a November 12th arrival.

We'll keep you up to date, as info is available. Until then, Garagistry out.