Heidi Hetzer World Tour - Update #16


An interesting point since our last update is our new found and "slightly celebrity" status provided by the followers of (autocenter.uz), a sort of an AutoBlog forum catering to the Russian and Uzbek speaking community. 
They've picked up on our posts about Heidi, Hudo, the shops she has visited and the mechanics involved. So we now have people from 51+ countries and 501+ locations following Garagistry on a World-Wide basis. We added a "welcome" message in English, Russian and Uzbek to the main post they have been following. You can read it here.

Heidi and Hudo have been traveling fast and far as compared to before. Again there is little to go by other than a few words and pictures, but it appears a "recycled" alternator from an Audi has been grafted to the straight-eight and so far is working well.

The picture reveals a rather gnarly installation and there is a brand new battery on the floor of the passenger compartment...just in case. Again, we apologize for the lack of continuity in these posts. But between Heidi's "audio only" posts (which are in German) Google Translate and the pictures without any content, it's sometimes difficult to assess the details.
Until the next update...Garagistry out.