The Pink T-bird and the Girl on a Billboard


Guest article from Duane K. - Garagistry member
Albuquerque, NM

I enjoyed yesterday's post from Jack of Arizona about what he saw in Santa Rosa; anything that helps promote New Mexico is great to me. Unfortunately, he must have driven right by a few places before he knew it!

In Moriarty, NM (about 40 miles East of Albuquerque on I-40) there is Lewis Antique Auto and Toy Museum right on Business 40.  
Archie Lewis is a true old-timer who has reportedly been collecting cars and toys for more than 60 years. Last I knew, he had thousands and thousands of toy cars, tractors, trucks and train sets in his collection. He also has more than 40 real classic cars and tractors in his collection too. In his outdoor "car and parts lot" I recall he once had more than 700 cars or pieces of cars. Last time I drove by it, I didn't think there were that many cars left, but who knows for sure.

No matter - Archie is a local legend, has a great collection of cars - big and small - to see. Can't tell you that he is known to sell very much, but when it comes to parts for old cars, he is the guy to see.

Also, Jack apparently missed one of our local "landmark" sights. A little further East of Moriarty, just before Exit 218, sits a Pink 1965 Thunderbird on the side of the eastbound lane. Seeing a classic T-bird just sitting in a field should be enough to make you wonder - "What's the story?"  But seeing a PINK one should make you stop and ask someone/ anyone..."Whaa?"
Then again, maybe it is the billboard right beside the T-bird that caught Jack's eye and he forgot about the T-bird. Too bad, it looks like it is in fairly good shape too!

My suggestion - take a few hours longer to get where you're going, but do it off the Interstate. See what America really has to show you.

Thanks Duane - a great post for us and yes, we did have to put some pants on the young lady to conform to our photo standards. But we agree, both the classic and lady are in great shape! And maybe Jack can catch both on his return trip now that he knows where to look...
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