Heidi Hetzer World Tour - Update #12


Much to the disappointment of many, Patrik has decided to separate from Hedi and the World Tour. His last report indicated he was at the airport awaiting a flight back to Berlin.
"I have just overlooked many things that would bother me even with close friends, because we all had indeed a higher goal, Hudo to bring to the world, (or as I wrote yesterday: to repair the world).  And if sometimes the space for both ego was too small, you have to stop sometimes take an orderly withdrawal, but if I have to also give air time to amass anything. We both also had the great advantage not to be really vindictive, tensions that inevitably set in as close together could settle permanently at least not with me."

Heidi responded as follows, 

"Patrik and I had constant clashes. We did not manage to discipline us in the ongoing effort. As Patrik has indicated I am also of the opinion that a final stroke was attached. The day was perhaps not exactly cheap, but when is the right time for a separation? The time now is yet to come so many technical problems that I do not plan on playing on his back and therefore get a bad conscience because I "exploiting" Patrik. I want to continue to travel around the world and with joy, no matter how large will be the coming problems.

We are starting to think this 2-year "World Tour" may end in disappointment. The last post was "alternator failed...installed a new battery to carry us forward".  

Our hope is that Heidi and Patrik can make amends, the Tour continues and they both enjoy the experience of a lifetime...but it's starting to seem the odds are as great as those governing the lottery.