Heidi Hetzer Driving Tour - Update #11 - Hudo Runs...Almost

Sie müssen bumsen, mich scherzend!!!!!
(You've got to be f'n kidding me!!!!!)

Back at the shop, Heidi and the service technicians finalized the remaining steps to start the Hudson. Oil..check! Fuel...check! Battery...check! Press the starter...it does not start. After double checking everything, the fuel petcock was in the off position.

That corrected,Heidi again presses the starter button...It does not start.

Ten more tries with the same results, the smell of raw fuel now coming from the carburetor. The cause, no spark. How could that be? Then it dawned on them. One of the mechanics welded up a rear fender support a few days earlier...but never disconnected the battery...frying the electronic ignition module and likely the voltage regulator. 

RULE NUMBER ONE - HASTE MAKES WASTE...no that's the golden rule

As we read this, we attempted to rationalize why all of this work had been done with the battery connected; the disassembly of the engine, arms and hands intertwined with the moving engine components, which if were engaged by the starter or if any electrical device was shorted, would have caused human and/or vehicle carnage beyond belief. 

One of the things we learned very early on was...Rule Number One. Before you begin any major repair work, disconnect the battery. Rule Number Two is "Read Rule Number One". We hate to rub it in, but our previous thoughts regarding Heidi's "ready, fire, aim" process were seemingly being confirmed.

Fortunately, after rummaging through the storage trunk, a replacement part for the ignition was uncovered. The shop foreman, now realizing the effects of their own haste, pulled in all of the shop's resources to check the electrical system, install the new part and get the Hudson started. After all was completed, the Hudson started without any issues. 

This is where it gets "fuzzy". Details are missing and the posts are out of order, but if we've been able to correctly surmise the missing information, a makeshift repair solved the electrical problem, as follows.

The Hudson was equipped with a custom 12-volt alternator made from the original 6-volt generator and an external voltage regulator. The regulator was fine, but the internal rectifier was "fried". After calling the US, no spare parts were in stock. But, apparently overnight, an unidentified person determined the rectifier was no different than others used in modern alternators, just custom designed to fit inside the generator housing. So in the morning, the search was on to locate an applicable part.
It pictures seem to indicate the shop went from car to car using an electrical analyzer to determine which car had a similar part. After locating said part, they stripped the alternator out of the donor car, then modified the cooling fins to fit the part inside the housing. 
Once the alternator was reassembled, everything was working. But because Heidi (too impatient to wait for a solution??) had taken the Hudson out for drive the night before draining the battery's power. The plan was to recharge the battery overnight and get on the road in the morning.


After checking out of the hotel, Heidi and Patrik took a taxi to the shop where they discovered the battery had not been properly connected to the charger. They loaded up the Hudson, hooked up a tow rope, and jump-started it while in motion. Patrik's final few words were, "OK, we leave. Patrik annoyed...out".