Po Boys Cruise-In - Dodge Town Wagon

Edwin Candrell started the restoration of his 1962 Dodge Town Wagon in 1971. A labor of love, it's now equipped with a 440 CID V8 instead of the original slant six, automatic transmission, A/C,  Ford 9" rear on stock suspension and a Crown Vic front end, including power rack and pinion steering and strut suspension. 
The beautiful metallic cadet-blue paint has roots in the history of the truck. "I can't swear to it, but based on what I know it used to belong to the US Navy. 

What do you like most about the truck?

I love to drive it. It rides great. I don't drive it every day, but it's pretty much a daily driver.

Is it hard to find parts for your Classic?

I've just been able to pick them up here and there over the years, said Candrell.  I've got another one at home right now I've used as a donor truck. The entire front end (hood, fenders, bumper, etc.) are off of that truck. The grill is off another Dodge I found while out for a drive. The entire truck was burned to a crisp, except for the grill. I paid $5 for it hoping it would clean up nicely, and it did.
Do you do all of the work yourself?

I do everything I can, but I've had to farm out some of the work like the new front end, the body work and paint.  But I do a lot of different work myself.
 Thanks for sharing your story with our readers Edwin!