Heidi Hetzer Driving Tour Update #5


As you may recall, Heidi and the "Hudo" were detained awaiting the issuance of a Visa for her trip through Iran. It remains somewhat difficult to assemble these updates due to the necessary translation and the spotty uploads of related photos and news. There hasn't been a lot of consistency in the methodology used by her team to update Blog posts or add photos, and with their spotty Internet access and three different sites to follow, it's been a bit confusing at times. So thanks for your patience. 

We updated the #4 post with photos they added yesterday. You can see them here.

The good news is she and here team are "getting their act together" by filling in the gaps and uploading photos, and we are getting better at unraveling the messages, although we had to chuckle at some of the post tags, like "last night". Was that last night or the last, last night? 


Between the last update and now, there was a trip through the mountains and an additional waiting period before either Heidi or Patrik or both were able to get their Visas straightened out. According to the interim posts, she spent most of her time visiting locals or hold up in her hotel room, so we're not 100% of when the mountain trip occurred. It was either during her initial drive through Turkey or a back-tracking day trip due to the delay in her Visa. Regardless, here are a few photos.


We are beginning to understand Heidi is both very headstrong and impatient. It doesn't appear to be helpful in all cases and will be interesting to see how things go during her trip. 

As an example, determined to speed up the Visa issue, Heidi donned her most conservative outfit and head scarf for a visit to the office of the Iranian Ambassador. If we understand the translated text correctly, she chose a day the office was normally closed/holiday, then demanded to see the Ambassador. Again, if correctly translated, the visit was not well received, instead ending in aggravated conditions and additional waiting.

Getting the Visa items all straightened out seems to have taken a total of three weeks and required Heidi to attend an in depth course to obtain a temporary driver's license.

What we think occurred started with some kind of Visa issue for both Patrik and Heidi. Apparently Patrik's issue forced him to stay behind in Turkey, then fly to Tehran after the Visa issue was addressed, while Heidi's Visa was issued more quickly. But he voiced concern about Plan "B", sending Heidi into Iran ahead of him. Loosely transcribed, "I dared not think of what might happen sending Heidi with her temperament and Hudo into Iran ahead of me."


"The still had a relatively simple reason, I was in Tbilisi to wait for my Iran visa issuance on Monday and Heidi had to undergo a very strict driving program so Tuesday morning at Tehran airport we could meet again, but now to the desired detail.

After I went Saturday and Sunday as it better again, the time had used to get to know Tbilisi, it was the same Monday morning at 9:00 (again) to the Iranian Embassy.

Sorry my info was wrong and I then waited an hour for the opening of an Embassy to 10: 0 was then but also the first in the Ambassador Mr Samani and gave all required documents and photo editing. Only the Receipt of payment of 75 euros at the bank for the fees was missing. So get out deposited money and ragged with the document back.

He had said that it would just to issue a visa to ... 17:00. When I arrived around 11:00 was back in the intake area of ​​the embassy there is a crass corner. More and more people came and waited. I wanted to leave only the document, but you told me to have patience, my taxi driver was waiting and I was a bit on tenterhooks.
To make a long story short they let me-why whatsoever- wait 2 hours, and only one call to the Assistant to the Ambassador from the mobile phone (she was a house and 30 meters ..) brought things moving.
Back to the hotel, packed all things and again read the emails ... And Then came the Hiobsnachricht. After 3 weeks, the Turkmen embassy had refused for some unknown reason a Visa exhibition!"
Heidi paying for the Visas
Heidi with Turkish family she met in Istanbul
Another repair in Turkey

Arriving in Istanbul

We also located several videos posted by NDR. de, if you'd like to watch. There were no embed codes, so please use this link to access. Just select the videos in the blue box.

Until the next update: