Heidi Hetzer Driving Tour - Update #3

Team Heidi rushes ahead ...
(Still struggling to translate the messages, but a picture is worth 1,000 words)

Today, a long stage from Istanbul to Ankara was to make up for a little time towards the Caspian Sea.
Philosophically this is of course nonsense, because time can only live and enjoy but never "catch up" and certainly not to waste because we are moving her forward, and the art is to use them and enjoy.

My first kilometers on Hudos passenger seat are impressive. You can feel the old technology with every movement, every sound and every vibration how gears piston and chassis strive to keep us on the road. Then the Bosporus to the right the old Istanbul to the left and the Europa Bridge in view, the gateway to Asia. But the traffic is increasing and we must continue. And by 7:30 team leaves Hetzer with Hudo old Europe and alternates for the first time on this trip the continent.

Short break and get all their water ration (Hudo more than we do). I removed the license plate in front of the radiator and bring it to the bumper of to improve the cooling, because the day is hot it shows now. We are making good progress, but the topography changes we dive into the mountains and Hudo has to plow, finally he has a few horsepower all the heavy load of highly compatible with its (compared to today) in the heat of the climbs.

Stops to fill up with water. Since we do not have problems with the Benzinumpumpen from the auxiliary tank and therefore do not know exactly how much we really want to consume Heidi the main tank once "gauging" as drive until it is completely empty. Then kur a few liters from the jerry can in and to the gas station

We meet at the pit stop, the participants of the Black Sea Circle Charity Rally. Know the our project and share photos and signatures with us. Significantly, the one colleague, a neighbor of Heidi and me in Charlottenburg less than 300 meters away Berlin are just always there when things liven.

We are approaching the Turkish capital where we want to go to a workshop contact the German Stammtisch in Sofia to treat Hudo a small service.

We will be greeted HERZLISCHST of Hayrettin and his team of SEREF car. 3 mechanics and the boss himself make out with Hudo! Here, a new filter, there renewed the speedometer cable, optimizes the overflow in the radiator and refilled with antifreeze, Big Abschmierservice (must be every few thousand kilometers for such a classic car.)
And always nice car talk, which translates the son of the house Kayhan partially parallel (!) Simultaneously.

Suddenly there is a TV crew from the Canal D from Ankara in the workshop and would like to present to the public in Turkey Heidi's journey. Heidi is in her element and transmits their Spirit to the journalist all are electrified and the mechanic proud to be able to create it on Hudo hand.
Finally, we have the battered Berlin / German flag on the left fender properly "raised".

We drive towards the old city center of Ankara to our hotel. Unfortunately, the entrance to the parking garage for Hudo Guard's degree is too narrow and also missing 5cm "headroom" ....
Heidi shows off their skills and applies the Hudson almost to the point in 10-15 trains!