Heidi Hetzer Driving Tour - Update #2

Hello Dear Friends
I report once again. Yes, now I'm on my way already several days and it seems to me like 3 weeks. You experience so much. It's beautiful. So, actually, as I had imagined. I've now been in the German states, the Sorbs, the Czechs, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and today landed in Montenegro. The people are all friendly of something! We are constantly invited to eat and drink and all with so much heart. So it's unlikely. 

In Montenegro today - people have never seen a vintage car. The stand against such. Before a UFO There are many people who speak German, who are on holiday with their parents and work in Germany. So very interesting, who you get to know everything. Weather is great. Of course, we have already experienced terrible storm, an evening in Hungary. Budapest I liked particularly well. I did not think that this is so beautiful. Yes it goes on and on. Today in the mountains Hudo has cooked twice. Well, since we had to let it cool. But otherwise it runs great. Everything is beautiful.  

Tomorrow we want there to visit Kosovo and the German soldiers. I have not much to say yet, because I have a journalist next to me, Sabine Klier, who reported for the BZ. So I refer to the BZ, because it tells something every hour. Everything possible, I also find details that I would not tell. She does it so sweet, it's great. There's a lot of fun. There are no differences and we are both very happy. She is grateful that she can accompany me and does its job great. Yes, as I thought it would be a dream trip! Good night.