Denis the Goggomobil Menace

The Goggomobile is a micro-car

manufactured by the Hans Glas GmbH after WWII.  A series of Goggomobiles were produced through 1966, before it was acquired by BMW, who continued production through 1969. Goggomobiles were powered by a two cylinder horizontally opposed two-stroke engine and either a standard or optional electrically shifted manual transmission and manual clutch. 
Denis Lancaster is a long time fan of the Goggomobile. He lives in Coffs Harbour, Australia. In 1988 he bought 3 cars all in pieces and has lovingly restored them to their original condition. Denis still owns a coupe and sedan, which he regularly drives to club outings and shows.

A Goggomobile Dart, a two seater open sports car configuration, was also produced in Australia by the  Buckle Motors Pty Ltd from 1959 to 1961. The car featured the normal Goggomobile chassis and drive train with an Australian sourced fiberglass body without doors.
Source - Above and Below - Wikipedia

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