Today we travel to England,  home to one of our favorite shows, Wheeler Dealers. We'd also like to thank Mike Brewer and Edd China for adding Garagistry to the list of automotive sites they follow.

West Berkshire Classic Vehicle Club 

On August 10 the Club will host the 22nd Annual Classic Vehicle Show to aid Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research Fund. The 2013 show was a great success with 1000 exhibits, 4000 people and together we raised over £12000 for the LLR Fund.

Our next stop is at the Bristol American & Classic Car Show. For anyone local, this year's show is scheduled on 29 June.

Next, we take to the streets for the London to Brighton Classic Car Run.

Then off to Newport Pagnell to celebrate classic and performance cars

Followed by a visit to the Langford Museum of Power Annual American and Classic Car show.


Meet Elo the man who owns every car you’ve ever loved…

There can't be many people who can claim to have started a museum by accident, but Elo is one of them.

Located five miles from Heathrow in the town of Hayes, his London Motor Museum is home to one of the largest collections of classic and custom cars in Europe.

"My collection started very simply because I wanted to have seven cars for seven days of the week. Then 30 cars for 30 days of the month.

"A friend came over and joked that I should open a private museum. And bingo! I couldn't believe I'd never thought of that."

Since opening in 2004, there are now 240 cars on show, many of them previously owned by footballers, rappers and Hollywood actors.

"The first thing I need to do if buying a car is I need to have some sort of emotional connection. Once I get that connection, I make that car mine.

"I paint it, put my own wheels on it, I do my own thing. There is no point in living someone else's dream."

As a collector who admits to spending 15 years searching for his “first love”, a yellow 1987 Maserati Convertible, it seems fair to say that Elo’s passion for motoring is as engaging as any of the exhibitions on show.

“I was born with fuel in my veins,” he reckons. And it’s hard not to believe him.

The London Motor Museum features the TKO Supercar Workshop. For more information head to



"Steady Eddie" Barker describes the story of the Lancia 'Steady Special'.


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