In 2003, the first organizer, Jan Bruijn started this biennial Classic Event in the gardens of Het Loo Palace, Netherlands. As you will see in the videos, the event is similar to many other Concours d'Elegance shows around the world, but the highlight of the event is the Vredestein Sprint.

The Need for Speed

The Vredestein Sprint is a short length of "track" where Classics are wrung out in sprint style, accelerating to the maximum obtainable speed, then stopping as quickly as possible at the end of the run. According to the schedule, a segment of the Sprint is held several times a day.

To learn more about the 2014 event which will be held June 21 - 22, visit the event site. The site is in Dutch.To translate the contents into English or other languages enter the URL into a translator (such as Google Translate).

Here is a very well done promotional video covering the 2012 event, produced by Chem-Tools, a German company supplying products to the automotive industry. Like Verdstein tires, they are one of the show sponsors.

Day 3 Bonus Trip - Denmark

With both The Netherlands and Denmark 2 of the smallest Countries on our list of destinations, we decided to add to today's trip. Just a great short video...enjoy!

If you've been following along in the tour, you are probably aware, that other than the addition of a few local customs, these events might as well be in your own home town.