Today, we focus on stories. Because, regardless of location or type of car, every Classic has at least one interesting story. Stories are what drive our emotions, add a great amount of interest to the history of any Classic car, and help us connect with the owners we meet. Even if we do not meet them in person.


Today's first story is called "The Old Girl". It is a first person look into the stories of Classic Car Owners in Singapore.

Next is a story about Ah Joo. Soek Seng 1954, is the name of the business Ah Joo owns. He is a vintage car restorer by trade, but his passion lies in restoring Classic and Vintage bicycles. If you like Classic bicycles as much as we do, check out the Soek Seng 1954 site.

Owning a Classic Car in Singapore
A car must be at least 35 years old to become a Classic in Singapore and it must have been previously registered there. The shocker was the ARF (Annual Registration Fee). The fees are layered, based on the value of the car, and they are expensive.

A Classic with a value of up to S$20,000 is charged S$20,000 PER YEAR in registration fees. If the value is greater, the fees begin to increase based on the amount over S$20,000. 

A Classic with a value of S$100,000 will pay S$107,000 AFR PER YEAR plus a S$280 road tax applicable to all Classics. For more information, visit the Singapore Land Transportation Authority site.

I promise to never complain about the cost of registering a Classic in the US.

The Malaysia and Singapore Vintage Car Register has an interesting site in English. (If you need a different language, you can use our translation tool located in the RH column of this page.) Unlike the ARF, membership is a paltry S$30 a year.

I was curious to learn what Classic cars cost there. I found a 1957 MG for sale in Malaysia for RM110,000 (Malaysian Ringgit, about $34K US), but I was unable to quickly find any in Singapore.

Passionate Owners Worldwide
If you've been following The World Tour, it's pretty obvious, the passion for Classic Cars is universal regardless of where the car or the person is located. Let us know how you are enjoying the tour.