if places like the Smithsonian or Metropolitan Museum of Art were only accessible by artists, scholars and historians. Now imagine if after 2 decades behind closed doors, these amazing places were once again open to the public.
Source-Revs Institute
The Collier Collection Reopens to the Public After 20 Years

Until recently The Revs Institute and the Miles Collier Collection located in Naples, Florida, was out of the reach of automotive enthusiasts. One of the world’s premier private collections has reopened to the general public, granting access to more than 100 of the world’s most desirable cars and an extensive library of research documentation.

A few facts from the Revs Institute website: 

About The Collier Collection

The Collier Collection of automobiles is a purposefully curated assemblage of the most profound and rare automotive innovations of our time. This distinct collection of more than 100 automobiles manufactured between 1896 and 1995 were each thoughtfully curated for their rarity and historical significance.

About The Revs Institute

Preserving Automotive History
The Revs Institute for Automotive Research, Inc. is the premier destination to study and explore one of the largest archives of automotive history ever preserved for scholars and connoisseurs alike. 

Our exclusive collection of the finest vintage automobiles and ever-expanding library of rare books, photographs, documents and ephemera uniquely catalogs the evolution of automobile design and the industry's influence on modern culture. 

The Revs Program at Stanford

The Revs Program at Stanford is a unique academic partnership that promotes automotive studies across the diverse collegiate landscape. Students pursuing careers in the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, design, science and engineering are equally engaged in the opportunity to study the dynamic interplay of the automobile’s role in shaping our history, culture and technological innovation.

Schedule a Visit

To provide the finest experience, The Revs Institute requires enthusiasts, professionals, students, and educators to schedule visits. The site provides details to schedule your visit on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday between the hours of 10am and 4pm, excluding holidays.

Don't Go it Alone

We would recommend anyone planning to visit to choose the Docent Tour, a more formal tour, available four times daily at 10:00am, 10:30am, 1:00pm and 1:30pm.

The Museum docents receive extensive training. They are the people who will "bring the cars alive" during your two hour tour.

More Information

For more information about Preserving Automotive History, please visit the Revs website.

For more information on Preserving Automotive History...One Car at a Time® starting with your personal Classic car, please visit Garagistry.