A Love For Classic Cars and Guitars

when you combine MB-Tex from a Classic Mercedes, the vinyl top from a 70’s Dodge Charger and a passionate crowd of car freaks that also happen to own cameras or play instruments?

You get a Couch, potentially the best made and coolest wallets and straps for guitars and cameras made from rolls of vintage auto upholstery, that’s what.
Another random effort uncovered the Couch company of Long Beach, California. They make straps and other gear that meld car culture, music culture, old forgotten materials and forever-hip design.
As always, we have no commercial or financial affiliation with Couch, we just think if you are a Classic car owner and need a wallet, camera, or guitar strap, you should be able to get the coolest versions available.
Dan Perkins started Couch in 1999 because he wanted a distinctive guitar strap that spoke to his sense of design, his interest in the visuals of the 1950s-'70s, and being in the heart of Southern California, Dan could hardly avoid the perennially cool street theater of classic cars and hot rods.
Couch only uses properly stored original or faithful reproduction upholstery, not reclaimed and aged upholstery pulled out of wrecks.
"California is highly car-focused, so auto-related businesses dominate the industrial sections of almost any town," says Dan. "We began expanding, using identifiable trunk linings, like those from old Mustangs, GTOs and Firebirds. Then came wallets, belts and straps made from seat-belt nylon – real seat belt webbing – offering another unique aesthetic of car bits and solid function." Another guiding principle behind Couch's auto-sourced straps is cost. "Our straps are generally between $20 to $45. They're for the working musician and the weekend warrior who plays for the love of it and who can't afford, or doesn't want an ornate leather strap that costs $300. Those are out there – they're beautiful – but that's simply not us." To learn more about Couch or order a product of your very own, visit http://www.couchguitarstraps.com