A Genesis Of a Car: "He Hears Voices, I Have a Vision"

"A Cessna Wrapped By A '35 Ford", Dean Cotlow, Tucson

One of the more unusual cars seen during the 2013 Tucson Classic Car Show was a '35 Ford Tudor Humpback.

Not that a '35 Ford Tudor is an especially unusual classic at a car show, or that this vehicle was perhaps better described as a true "trailer queen".  Hardly - only when you look inside do you realize how unique this particular '35 Ford really is.

Described by owner Dean Cotlow of Tucson and fabricated by Mark Hanson of StrangeFab MetalCrafts of Tucson, the '35 Ford is a "Cessna Wrapped by a '35 Ford".  Dean explained he was fascinated with the styling options using aluminum and glass. When he teamed with Mark to fabricate the interior a strong Art Deco influence was the result. Clearly, after a 7 year build period this Ford's interior is possibly more at home in a hanger than a garage.
The car's interior of primarily formed and riveted aluminum has a striking similarity to that of a small plane, especially the dashboard.  But the aircraft "feel" goes beyond the dash... 
A process of using a sheet metal sub-frame was employed to hold the aluminum sheets to the car's frame.  Relying exclusively on rivets and not welding or screwing components together, the finished result is not only functional but very attractive. For example, the custom door 5 piece armrests contain a minimum of 182 rivets per side.
The custom seats might not be ready for a long cross-country road trip just yet; woven seats with padding are coming soon.
Our conversation with Dean & Mark concluded with their comment that Mark "has visions" of what the finished project should look like; Dean "hears voices" urging him to go where few have gone before. It is easy to tell with this kind of "visioneering", they have a very successful method to produce exceptional results.

Well done, Gentlemen!  You are now cleared for taxi and takeoff...