A Classic That Defines Provenance....

1957, management at the Ford Motor Company pulled several production Fairlane 500 cars off the line for "special service".  At least one of these cars was modified with multiple option upgrades, including a custom two-tone gray and white color scheme.

When ready for delivery, it was presented to James Sullivan by Henry Ford II as a gift in recognition of Mr. Sullivan's 50 years of service as an engineer with Ford Motor Company.

Another upgrade was the 312 Thunderbird engine.
From the day Sullivan received the car, it was only driven on Sunday and spent three decades more in storage than on the road!  After Mr. Sullivan passed away, the family was attempting to determine if anyone in the family was interested in "the old car"...  Thankfully, family member Ralph Marble stepped forward asked if he could bring it back to Tucson from Michigan.

When Ralph brought the Fairlane to Tucson in 1994, it had only 18,300 miles on it - meaning it had been driven an average of 495 MILES PER YEAR!  Only a new set of tires and replacement gas tank were needed to put this great '57 Fairlane 500 back on the road.

The dash, instruments, glass, floor mats, even the plastic seat covers are in perfect condition. But alas, there is one appearance problem that Ralph is trying to determine the best solution.  In the outside corners of the dashboard, the dash covering has split and started to curl exposing the underside padding of the dashboard.  Not wanting to make a foolish mistake "fixing" the problem, we're glad to know that Ralph is well aware of the provenance of this '57 Fairlane 500 and what's necessary to maintain it's integrity.

One of several cars seen this weekend at the Tucson Classic Car Show that stood out as "Hiding in Plain Sight".

Safe travels...