Don't Miss the Show!

Garagistry is pleased to announce we will be attending the All-Chrysler Nationals event at Carlisle, PA this year supporting the unveiling of some very special automobiles...

It's All About Documentation & Provenance...

For those who have been following the Garagistry Blog, you know we believe the value of provenance and documentation enhance the value of your classic car.  Whether your classic is concourse-level vehicle with historical significance or a comfortable daily driver, every classic has a history and value all its own.

Meet the Experts... 

Tim Wellborn, founder of the Wellborn Muscle Car Museum will unveil truly special Hemi-powered Chargers during the show.  Joining Tim will be Garagistry contributing writer, David Burroughs of Bloomington Gold, Prove-It and Survivor® Collector Car who validated the authenticity of Tim's Hemi Chargers.  It is a great story of the value of documentation.

Garagistry will be located in the Wellborn Muscle Car Museum Exhibit - stop by and learn how Garagistry is leading the way in helping hobbyists of all sizes and types protect and enhance the value of their classic car. 

Patrick Krook of ShowYourAuto will also be at the event answering questions about buying or selling a Classic. We'll include a Q&A with Patrick featuring best practices and visitor questions from the show.

Any guesses as to what is on the back of the new Wellborn Muscle Car Museum T-Shirt? 

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We'll be posting the event activities here, on Facebook, and will have a Twitter feed in place at the show, so check back often. 

Carlisle Chrysler Nationals
Jul 12 - Jul 14, 2013
Adult Admission: Fri-Sat $10 / Sun $5 / Event Pass $25
Child Admission: 12 & Under FREE!
Gate Times: Th.-Sa. 7am-6pm / Sun. 7am-3pm


Driving Instructions (click here)