Garagistry Meets With Tim Wellborn


For MOPAR collectors and enthusiasts, the “Wellborn Muscle Car Museum” is a well-known destination to see fabulous “survivor” cars and more of the incredible muscle car era of automotive history. Recently, Garagistry had an opportunity to spend time with Tim, and enjoyed a personal tour of the fabulous museum Tim and Pam Wellborn have established in Alexander City, AL. We believe Tim's thoughts on the future of muscle cars are an important message to pass along.

Garagistry:  “Recently it seems collector cars of all makes, models and years have experienced a modest pull-back in value from a few years ago.  What do you foresee as the future for muscle cars?”

Tim: “What you say is true, values have dropped during the past few years, but I remain very committed to the muscle car era automobiles.”

Garagistry: “Why?”

Tim:  “Here’s what I believe to be true –

First – Muscle Cars are remember today by many as the cars they grew up with.  Either they or their family owned one, a friend had one or they just wanted to own one. Whichever  way, people can personally relate to the great muscle cars.

Second – As our population ages, those who had the strongest relationship with the earliest of cars (those from the ‘teens thru the 1930’s & ‘40’s) are sadly passing away. Unfortunately, when they go, many of these cars are left without a replacement owner with similiar memories.

Third – See what Detroit is doing today!  Just look at the number of re-introductions of great brand names – Charger, Challenger and Dart among others.  Detroit knows muscle cars have tremendous appeal to the public.

Fourth – Muscle cars are a true generational event millions of people still relate to.  They came on the scene in the late 60’s and early ‘70’s and were great examples of what was thought of as the American free spirit, power and speed.

Fifth – and finally, muscle cars were truly distinctive.  When one came down the road you could tell without a doubt the make, model and the year from its appearance, sound, color, even from the sound of the gears shifting.  Muscle cars were ideal examples of pure individuality.  Back then, automakers and dealers gave you perhaps 60 or more options to select among. Today, cars all look alike; same body style, same color scheme and they all sound alike.  As for options, you have maybe two or three packages: all pre-determined accessory packages.”

Appreciation and Passion

Anyone who has met Tim and Pam acknowledges their deep appreciation and passion for a fabulous era in American automotive history.  Their commitment to the preservation of this piece of our history is fantastic and Garagistry shares with the Wellborn’s their desire to document, preserve and protect against loss each and every automobile's claim to history.  

In the near future, we will be sharing more on our visit to the "Wellborn Muscle Car Museum" and the very interesting stories and histories behind each car.  Also, we hope to have a behind the scene peek at some very important and interesting news Tim will be sharing shortly.  Stay tuned…  

Put A Visit to the WMCM on Your Bucket List..

In the meantime, when traveling in or across Alabama; give yourself time to stop and see a great collection displayed by someone with genuine passion – it will be well worth it! 

The Garagistry Team