Twenty-Five or Six to Ford Restomod

FOR THOSE OF US WHO REMEMBER 1970 there was a great song by Chicago, "25 or 6 to 4". It always made me think that "25 till" 4 was really "7" on the minute hand, not "6". So what does that have to do with this Classic? Read on...

The Second Look Told The Story

One of the first cars on display as I entered Heritage Square for the Motoring Through Time Show was this 1948 Ford Super Deluxe 8 Convertible owned by Marvin Price. Clean, neat and featuring a gleaming white finish with a deep burgundy interior, this was indeed a car to be viewed.
From 20 feet, it didn't seem all that unusual, but the Devil is in the details. It was a "second look" that told us there was certainly a story here waiting to be told. We had the opportunity to speak with Marvin and this is what he told us.

"This is one of the newest additions to my collection and I am very proud of it. I purchased it from a friend several years ago after he had done an extensive blueprint restoration. What I saw was an opportunity to enjoy new and old." 

Hiding In Plain Sight?

As we spoke, Marvin pointed out a few "improvements" that might otherwise be easily overlooked by the casual viewer. 
As you can see in the photos, there's no big crowd around Marvin's car. The details were likely "missed" by casual onlooker. We think that was exactly what Marvin was looking for; the modifications were hiding in plain sight.

"The goal was to update numerous parts of the car in a way that they were visually unnoticeable to the casual observer" 

While admiring the car's interior, we noticed the driver's door contained something we doubt was standard equipment on a '48 Ford - power window operators.  Sure enough, neatly installed in the door panel was a bank of four window operators - so well done you'd easily overlook the modification. This beautifully restored classic Ford held more than a few modifications so plainly visible.
Among the improvements pointed out by Marvin were the power windows, as well as power seats with lumbar support, and over-the-shoulder seat belts.  Also, air conditioning was included, as was cruise control, tilt wheel and power disc brakes. He went on to explain there were "many modifications that went beyond trim or appearance".  
A Restortation of Beauty & Power

Beneath the bodywork, this classic is powered by a 400 small block, balanced and blueprinted. The carburetor is an Edelbrock 600cfm with GM electronic ignition with a GM TH350 transmission with shift kit.  Marvin pointed out the car features a Mustang II front end with rack & pinion steering and power steering and his differential is a Ford 8" with a custom 9" Ford rear axle.
'48 Ford Parking Light Location
Some Artistic Liberty Taken

For those who might notice the variation of this '48 Ford and a stock version, Marvin explained, "The builder liked the 1946 parking lights and trunk trim and I agree with him. The car is titled as a 1948."
His classic '48 Convertible is well documented, all relevant papers, documents and photos have been preserved for future reference, and Garagistry recognizes and appreciates his efforts to preserve this Ford's history. 
If you should see Marvin's classic on the road, give a wave and thumbs up, but don't challenge for a quick race, you could be as surprised as we were this is not your typically restored stock '48 Ford.

We plan to meet with Marvin again soon and learn more about his collection - something about a '48 Packard that participated in a Great Race tells us another great story exists....

The Garagistry Team