A Boyhood Dream Come True
Among the wonderful classic cars we visited during the recent "Motoring Through Time" Car Show in Phoenix, was a great looking 1950 Mercury Coupe belonging to Frank & Kathy Debick.  Appearing as if the car was ready to scream out of the parking, we stopped and learned this classic had a story just waiting to be told.
"I always wanted a Merc' since I was a kid.  Despite the fact it arrived in pieces and parts on a trailer, and took three years to rebuild with the help of a friend, it was all worth it!" declared Frank.

The Coupe was chopped down 4" while located in California, and it reminded us of a similar Mercury Coupe we saw under construction last year on Cape Cod.  Clearly, Frank's Coupe proves hard work, passion and time can result in an incredible classic car.
(May 2012 Cape Cod - John & Randy's Mercury in the process of being chopped down 4")
"Drives Like It Was Supposed To..."

Frank went on to detail the many changes, modifications and improvements he built into the car. As we walked around the car, he started the litany of pieces and parts used.  Among them, he pointed out "We used skirts from a '57 Mercury, hubcaps from a '57 Cadillac, tail lights from a '59 Caddy as well as a 327 small block engine."  It was amazing to see how well the merged results appeared.  Inside, we found a wonderfully appointed '49 Mercury dashboard as well as '67 Mustang bucket seats.  Mechanically, Frank told us that with the rack & pinion steering, "This Mercury drives just as well and smoothly as it was supposed to."

Documentation is Critical

As Garagistry confirms time and time again, the majority of classic car owners who have undertaken a major restoration or rebuild project have insured they have created a full and comprehensive documentation.  They realize their documentation is critical when establishing the value of their classic now and for all future owners.  We're optimistic Frank and Kathy will help preserve their '50 Mercury Coupe's history, their photos and their build story with Garagistry for others to enjoy.

One Final Detail Noted

We couldn't help take notice of the pair of 1950 State of Arizona license plates Frank had mounted on his classic... 
"Took me a long time to find a matched pair I could use, but I really think they help tell the story of a '50 Mercury Coupe."

Frank - we agree.  Nicely done, we love your classic too!
Thank you -
The Garagistry Team