Heritage Square, Phoenix, AZ

We joined hundreds of visitors enjoying ideal weather for a great afternoon event featuring over 100 classic vehicles, travel trailers, fire trucks, a city bus and a large-scale model of the USS Arizona. The event was held at the historic Heritage Park where the city of Phoenix has recreated a slice of bygone days featuring many local historic buildings. The tree-lined park is also a popular home for major festivals and special events that bring thousands to the area each year.

As a supporting sponsor of the "Motoring Through Time" event Garagistry provided each exhibitor with a complimentary Collector level membership and an "oil drip sheet" to be placed beneath each vehicle protecting the Square's decorative brickwork.

We'd like to thank the City of Phoenix and The Parks and Recreation Department for the opportunity to support this event, especially Tammy Parker who's help was invaluable.

What did we enjoy the most while touring the show? 

As always, it was the people. The warm welcome, their appreciation for the hobby, and support for our efforts Preserving Automotive History...One Car at a Time. We were also pleased to see an impressive number of younger visitors touring the show, asking questions about the many vehicles on display. It's another strong indicator the future of the classic car hobby is secure.

A beautiful '54 Hudson Metropolitan 
Isn't this the same type of vehicle  'Lois Lane' drove in the 'Superman' TV program?

One exhibitor who had a "Please Don't Touch My Classic" sign in his windshield and the drip sheet underneath said,

"Garagistry's supporting my classic from top to bottom, thanks!" 

That might be a slightly embellished description, but we like the way he thinks.

Perhaps the most satisfying comment we heard was very simple,

"I really appreciate what you are doing to help preserve the history of these wonderful vehicles for the future."  

When asked if she was a member of Garagistry, she replied "Not yet, but I will be as soon as I can!" 

Two beautiful Hudson's-(L) - Hudson Hornet (R) - Hudson Super 6 Club Coupe

'55 Edsel-in wonderful condition
The Edsel's dash - an amazing combination of toggle switches, a push-button transmission in the steering wheel and a horizontally rotating speedometer - all in fantastic condition
A very clean and well-preserved '55 Chevy Belair
'55 Belair - Up Front and Inside - both areas very impressive
We wish the owner could have stayed long enough to learn the details on this marvelous
'65 Plymouth Belvedere II with a 426 Hemi - next time we'll get his story...

We had the opportunity to meet with a number of owners while we were at the show. Rather than posting a single long article, we will be adding individual stories. So check back soon!

The Garagistry Team  

More About Heritage Park
Heritage & Science Park is a crucial piece of the cultural landscape in downtown Phoenix. The tree-lined park also is a popular home for major festivals and special events that bring thousands to the area each year.  

The park is located at 115 N. Sixth St., Phoenix, AZ 85004. Call 602-262-5071 for the park office or 602-262-5029 for recorded information.