When Joe and I finished talking about his '32, I turned to Jim and asked if he would share the story of his car. Smiling, he said "Its a '35 five window Ford, all metal just like Henry made it."

"It's got a 350 Chevy crate motor, Turbo 350 transmission, Mustang II front end and all the creature comforts...air, power steering, a totally drivable car," he continued. 


"It doesn't sit long. We get in it and use it, then park it just until the next time I use it. It drives just like a new car, it just looks old."  

"A little story about how I came across it was the fellow who had this car had three of them. A sedan, a 3 window, and this 5 window. All really nice cars, all box stock original."

"After being hurt in an accident he couldn't drive a traditional stick-shift transmission set-up or easily handle a car with manual steering. His buddies suggested he turn one of his cars into a street rod with an automatic, power steering, and power brakes. He took this car and started on it."

"He told me after he began working on it, he felt like he never should have made the changes to an original car he had owned for such a long time. So long story short, he decided to sell it." "Knowing he couldn't put it back to stock, his main thing was finding someone who would keep it looking original."

"It was the kind of car I wanted. One that looked stock but had good brakes, steering, and all that. I checked the car out, it was a rare find, all straight, never been hit." "I kept the mohair interior, the McLean wire wheels are a knock off of the original look, and I did my best to keep the outside looking as stock as possible." 

"It doesn't have a rumble seat. I found out they made very few '35's without them. It's got the legroom for one, but I kept it a trunk. It's huge too. You could put 4 sets of golf clubs in there and have room to spare. It's a good old solid car. I've had several, but none as nice, usable, or dependable as this one."

Every Classic's got a story, what's yours?