But they do and at the worst possible time. In this case it was the total loss of classic car collection. An award-winning 1935 Southern Cross "Gloria" (1 of 14 known to exist), a 1971 Triumph Stag, and a Triumph Dolomite.

So, what's the story?

On Thursday, November 8, 2012, a fire broke out in the home of a suburban Dallas couple, members of Garagistry. Thankfully they were able to safely escape the fire unharmed but the fire consumed their entire home and its contents. Unfortunately this included the garage holding their three Classic vehicles.

When the fire was out, all that remained were their burnt out shells,twisted piles of steel beyond recognition.

The fire also destroyed everything associated to their small collection of Classics, including photos, documents, receipts, trophies and awards. To make matters worse the owners found their personal computer burnt to a crisp, the contents beyond recovery.

The Southern Cross "Gloria" (shown below) was stored on the lift above the Stag. Not even recognizable as compared to the beautiful bright red award-winning vehicle.
Why wait for the unexpected?
What makes this story important and why it should be important to you is the tragic irony involved. Not more than 3 weeks prior to the fire, the classic owners joined Garagistry. Unfortunately, they had not yet uploaded their photos, documents, restoration records, receipts to the secure storage provided by their personal Garagistry. Why? Because they never thought something like this would ever happen.

Garagistry can't bring back their vehicles, nor can we provide the owners the time and opportunity to go back in time to upload their photos, documents, or other items to their personal and secure Garagistry file...but you can.

Garagistry is Here to Help
If you haven't yet joined Garagistry, please accept our invitation to create a permanent, historical entry of your Classics. Membership is complimentary and there are no renewal fees of any kind.

Every car has a story, what's yours?

The Garagistry Team

Source: Impulse Source for Toshiba, Jan 2010