Hiding In Plain Sight - Part 7 - Survivor Jeep

History Revealed, a Survivor Goes from Obscure to Collectable

Mike Barnes tells us about the history of his 1962 Survivor Willy's Jeep Utility 4X4
"I found it on "Bring a Trailer.com". The truck was originally bought and owned by Mother Lode Bank just outside of Modesto, CA." "They used it to survey farms and ranches in California." "When the President of the bank retired, he bought it from the bank for his own ranch." "It's all original with about 91,000 total miles." "Before I bought it, it had been stored in a barn and driven very sporadically."
Pointing at the engine, he said "the original 230 OHC straight-six motor was one of the earliest, if not the earliest production OHC motors." "Over the years it's been passed down through the family going from the retired President, to his son-in-law, and finally to that person's nephew." 

"An interesting note to the whole history of the Jeep was the nephew had a farm." "The Jeep was put into a barn on the farm where it sat for many years." "The person I bought it from is a real estate appraiser." "He was appraising the farm when he discovered the Jeep."

"So a Jeep that was bought by a bank to be used for farm and ranch appraisals was found by another appraiser, appraising the farm." "I find the full-circle life of the Jeep to be very interesting." "It's the kind of history you could never plan. It just happened."

"It's a great old truck." "The kids love driving around in it."  "I just keep it running. I've had to replace parts that have worn out, like the fuel and water pumps, battery, tires, wipers, and some brake parts,  but no 'restoration' work has been done since I owned it." "Except for the maintenance parts, it's all original; the engine, paint, interior, and glass...just the way I found it."

Thanks for sharing, Mike. Every Classic has a story...what's yours?