Tucson Classic Car Show Recap

Last weekend we participated in the 6th Annual Tucson Classics Car Show program with a dual purpose.  I had my ’65 Mustang on display, and we were manning the Garagistry® on-line demonstration booth.

The show hosts, the Rotary Club of Tucson certainly had the logistics well in hand.  Their experience was very obvious. By the time I arrived for my scheduled 6:30 AM sign-in, traffic cones were already in place on North Craycroft Rd.  

Dozens of volunteers were guiding traffic, offering to help set things up, and answer questions. It couldn’t have been easier. Moments after pulling into the show site, the Mustang was parked, prepped, and ready for the day. 

By the 10AM opening ceremony, the crowd was already into the thousands. We were headed for a great day meeting classic car hobbyists’ and viewing some truly amazing vehicles. 

Of particular enjoyment was the opportunity to personally meet with many Garagistry members during the show. It was truly satisfying to hear so many people say: 

“Thank you for all you’re doing, it’s great.” 
“You’re site is fantastic, just what the hobby needs.” 

Others stopped by to ask “What can we expect next?” or get some help to better enjoy their personal Garagistry and the Digital Showcard®.

Sponsorship for the show was provided with complimentary $49 lifetime Garagistry memberships to over 400 exhibitors. Sign-up forms were also provided in each “goodie bag” as a way to further support the Rotary Club of Tucson charities. Those who joined during the show had their membership created and ready to complete by the time they got home. 

We’ll see you at the next show…. 

The classic car show season is just beginning for Southern Arizona.  We'll be looking for Classics displaying the Garagistry "Please Don't Touch" window cards to feature your Classic in the Blog.

If you received a Garagistry Brochure during the show, your special token code is ONLY valid for a limited time.  

Don't miss out on this very special opportunity to join the finest classic car history preservation activity anywhere.

If you misplaced your Garagistry brochure and complimentary membership code, please send us a note. We'll help you get set up.