While we are at the 45th Annual Moonshine Festival in Dawsonville, GA, I had the chance opportunity to make two new friends, Show & Go.
Friends Scott Shiffler (AKA-Go) and Wayne Lester (AKA-Show) with their cars
I had been photographing cars along the back side of the lot, when I turned the corner to see a street legal Fiat Topolino in drag race trim. As I had never seen one off the track, I wanted to get a closer look. Well one thing lead to another and before I knew it, I was talking to Scott Schiffler (Mr.Go) about his car. As the story started getting interesting and more detailed, I asked to get a short interview.

No sooner than I said that, the person sitting beside him said, "You gotta be kiddin' me!" "Not again!" "This is gotta be the thousandth time!" After some back and forth bantering about who was going to give me the details, I learned Scott (AKA-Mr.Go) and Wayne Lester (AKA-Mr.Show) were actually friends. (I am happy to report, they were still friends when I left them.)

As I started the recorder, Wayne took the opportunity to capitalize on the moment. Snatching a camera from the trunk of his '32 Ford, he began snapping away and said, "Hold on, let me capture the moment!" After they both got done laughing, we got down to the details.

Scott built the Topolino from scratch. "I've always been a fan of the altered wheelbase cars of the late 60's, so I bought the drag race body and built the chassis to fit 2 people. I narrowed the rear end myself, did all the sheet metal work, built the engine, the headers, the grill, well almost everything." 

I asked Scott if he had ever raced it. "Yes I have. I've had to make some modifications to be NHRA legal, but I've only raced the 1/8 mile. I'd like to get into some 1/4 mile races, but that's still up in the air." "It's powered by a Chevy 350 topped with a 671 blower and 2 Holly 750 blower carbs. "It's a pretty mild combination, it was built to run on pump gas." "I'd guess about 470 HP", he said. 

"The transmission is a Turbo 400, the rear is a Chevy 10 bolt with 3:55 gears so I can drive it on the street." "It drives great on the street and the track." "I drove it 45 miles to get here and I'll drive it 45 miles back home."

"It runs consistent 6.6's in the 1/8th at 110 on pump gas and a soft tune.  Those numbers indicate it should run mid to low 10's in the 1/4. With race gas, a bit more boost and more aggressive tune it should run in the low 6's in the 1/8th, and 10 to 10.0 sec in the 1/4 which was goal I set when I started to build the car."

As our conversation continued, I asked Wayne about his car. "It's a '32 Ford 3 Window Coupe, small block Chevy, and no I didn't build it myself. I'm not blessed with the same skills as Scott." "I had been looking for a car like this for a really long time."
"You know what it's like." "Everyone says their car is perfect, ground up restoration, until you go look at it." "This one seemed like it would turn out to be exactly what I wanted. Scott checked it out during a trip to Florida." 

"It was in Ocala near the Garlit's Museum, just a few miles off the highway." "It was perfect," said Scott. "I took some pictures and called Wayne." "When I got back home, Wayne and I grabbed the trailer, and picked up the car."

It was great to meet these guys and hear their stories. I look forward to seeing them again and having them share more about their Classics with our members. Every car's got a story...what's yours?