September 8, 2012 - Roswell, GA 

I had the opportunity to meet with Gary Conway and Bob DuBois of UPS to get more details about the show. Good thing I packed my umbrella, for as soon as we said "Hello", it started to rain.

Once everything was protected we gathered under a nearby tent. I felt pretty bad for them. The show had just started and it was now pouring. Not just pouring, it was pouring

The 3 of us were unable to do much more than watch people scrambling to cover their cars, roll up windows, and put the tops up on their convertibles. I made the decision to begin the interview, as if the rain didn't stop, I might not have a second chance. 

I asked Gary how the idea for a car show got started. "UPS has been a partner with United Way for 30 years. As a local UPS group, we decided to host a car show to support the United Way. It's going well. This is out 10th year. We have a great time putting on the show and we hope everyone else enjoys it too."

"We're really just a bunch of car guys that came together to have some fun with cars and raise some money for United Way", said Bob. "We try to keep the costs low and put on a good show. With the support of the community and sponsors, we're able to contribute $20,000 to $25,000 each year." 

"We normally have about 200 cars and motorcycles, but with the threat of rain and severe weather we're right about 125 cars." I asked if there were a lot of UPS employees that own Classic cars. "I think locally about ten or so", said Bob. "A few of them are here today, but the majority of cars and bikes come from the surrounding community."

"That's quite an assortment of trophies", I said. "Yes it is", said Bob. "There are 14 different classes in the show and several trophies within each class. The smallest trophy is 2 ft. tall, guaranteed to look good on any mantel or shelf, and there are 48 trophies overall."  

"But the car show is only a part of the event", said Bob. "Our goal is to provide a great time for everyone in the family." "There are kids activities, different vendors, a variety of food, and of course all the cars and bikes." "We try to be a bit different from the average car show too", said Gary. "We always have a live band and we focus on the entertainment value of having a number of different activities available for people to enjoy." "A new addition to the event this year is the Georgia Aquarium", he added.

I asked Gary and Bob if there was anything else important to know about the event. "Yes, there is." "Sharing these events with the families in our community", they said. "We all love the cars and motorcycles, but it's really important to make this a family event." "That's a big part of what the United Way stands for", said Bob, "creating a safe family community." 

It's obvious they've done a great job of providing a decade of quality events. With the threat of heavy rain, assembling 125 cars and bikes was no small feat. Most shows would have suffered a "washout". By the time our interview was done, the short lived downpour had ended. 

The remainder of the afternoon was mostly dry and sunny, there was no shortage of people enjoying the event, and even Elvis stopped by to say "Hello".

We'd like to take a moment to recognize everyone at UPS who took the time and made the effort to help support the show and the United Way.