I asked Bob DuBois (pictured) for some details about the 2 UPS trucks on display at the United Way Car and Bike show. "This is #215", said Bob, "an original 1931 Model A UPS delivery vehicle". "We call it "Old #1", but the true "Old #1", the first UPS truck, is a Model T. It's on display in the lobby of our corporate office."

I asked Bob how UPS found this truck and if it was already restored when found. "It's always been at UPS although I'm not 100% sure which location. UPS has a fleet of antique vehicles. This is one of several we have around the country. We use them for events like this. There's another here in the warehouse at the moment. We even have some electric vehicles from the late 30's in Maryland."

"Most of them run too. The mechanics who take care of our regular package vehicles have a passion to keep these Classics going. UPS vehicles are kept to very high standards of safety and maintenance. All of our classics receive the same treatment, although not quite as regimented."

"You'll notice the cab has no doors. They were built that way to make it easy for the driver to get in and out of the truck easily."  I noticed the high mounted side view mirrors and grab rails much like today's UPS trucks.

The "Hot Rod"

The UPS hot rod truck started life as a 1979 P500 and has been featured in many magazines. It was built as a project by a team of UPS airline mechanics out of Louisville, Kentucky and is custom from top to bottom.

The body features a 10" chop, modified, wheel wells, custom grille, modified bumpers, and an Air Ride suspension. Power is supplied by a 460 CI Ford Racing V8 topped by a Holley carb and flowing out through a 6" exhaust.

The interior features an all aluminum cab, custom roll bar, seat, and gauges.

Two pedals control the volume. The loud pedal connects the 500HP through a C4 automatic to a 9" Ford rear. There are no mufflers. Stopping is handled by a full set of 14" Baer brakes.