1932 Morgan 3-Wheeler

In 1909 HFS (Henry Frederick Stanley) Morgan purchased a 7HP Peugeot twin...

to build his own version of a three wheeled vehicle, the Morgan Runabout. He had no intentions of ever marketing it, but after receiving so many favorable comments everywhere it was seen he decided to begin manufacturing them.

I don't think he ever envisioned one of them showing up at the September '12 Caffeine and Octane event.
As no one was around to ask more about the Morgan, I did some research about these 3 wheelers. This is a Super Sports model produced between 1931 and 1937. As compared to the other Morgans, it featured a lowered suspension, special front axle, a more streamlined body, and a specially tuned high compression 10 HP JAP (J.A. Prestwich Industries) engine. Noise was handled by a specially designed dual exhaust system.

Considering how old this engine design is, it featured a dry-sump lubricating system and was water cooled, yet I still don't understand why the intake and exhaust valves are exposed to the elements. The engine was held in by only 4 bolts, allowing it to be easily removed for any kind of servicing.
Standard equipment included a 2-speed transmission with reverse, speedometer and full featured electrical system.
The seat heights are staggered to allow for more passenger room, with the passenger seat higher than the driver seat. The rear body section is hinged to provide access to the rear wheel.

Interiors are very cramped. The cable actuated controls are attached to the steering wheel. The speedometer, starter button, and on/off switch are mounted in an oval panel, in the middle of the wooden dash with the wood body framing is exposed to the interior.
The rigid tubular chassis is helped by a front suspension featuring coil springs and shock absorbers. The rear wheel did not feature either. 
A 4 gallon fuel tank is located just behind the radiator. The dry sump oiling system tank, located under the hood/bonnet, holds 4 quarts of oil.
The Morgan was surrounded by people the entire show. It took me several attempts to get these photos  
The Year of Production GA Plate indicates this is a 1932 Morgan
You can learn more about the history of the Morgan 3-wheeler here. The site features many facts including copies of the literature and detailed specifications.