The Peachtree Corners Car Show 

In the corner of the windshield sat a magazine from 1966, open to the page featuring the original version of this car. That was the year the car bug bit Taylor Jenkins and that was the car he wanted to own. 

Taylor told me how after a very long time, the car in those pictures, a 1933 Willys series 77, was finally his. While searching for a suitable body, Taylor learned the one he wanted was a lot more scarce than he originally thought.

Taylor decided to clone the metal body he had in fiberglass. He brought out a photo album and explained the process to me. "We only took a few pictures the first time. This time we took a bunch." I asked Taylor how he learned to build the forms and make fiberglass bodies. He told me he taught himself.

After successfully completing the first body, Taylor turned his passion into a small business making a handful of bodies each year. He started with the '33 Willys then added others including a panel truck and soon to be released Ford body.

 Taylor then took me on a short tour of his car. The .060 over '57 392 Hemi with a radical cam and a GMC 6-71 blower pushes out about 800HP.

Looking at the cramped interior, I asked if he ever raced it. He said he's taken it to the track, but told me it was more for taking pictures than racing. 

We then moved back to the trunk where on display was a miniature of his car. "I wanted to make it the same color as the original. We used this model to get a paint code we could use and guide the sign painter who lettered the body."
There aren't many places you could look for a '33 Willys body. Taylor told me the one pictured in the magazine is sitting in a field somewhere in Hawaii, just rotting away. 

So in his own way, Taylor is Preserving Automotive History, the same way he makes his car at a time.

If you would like more information, please visit his site.