will keep us from a Cruise-In
Saturday July 21 was supposed to be another Po Boys Cruise-In, but Mother Nature was not cooperating. The forecast was for a 40% chance of rain, which also means a 60% chance of no rain.  Not so today. 

The closer we got to the event location, the darker the clouds and the heavier the rain. But, that did not stop a small group of owners. By the time the rain had slowed enough to dare bring out the camera, these were the Classics that remained.

So this post is dedicated to the handful of people who showed up ready to deal with whatever Mother Nature had in store. 

First in line was this beautiful black 1960 Bonneville Convertible.

Measuring almost a full 7 ft. wide (80.7 inches) and a bit more than 18 ft. long, these cars weighed in at almost 4,300 lbs. This body style was a big departure from the 1958 model. The basic layout remained in place through 1962.

The taillights are one of the most distinctive features to identifying the difference between the '59's through '62's. Headlight arrangement remained a horizontal 4 across layout 1959-1962, changing to an over/under stacked configuration with a new body style in 1963.

Kelsey-Hayes began making these aluminum 8 lug rims and hubs for 1960 Pontiacs. They were used up through 1968 and differed based on year or application. The finned area changed after 1962, moving from a long, steep angle to a lower height and shallower angle. 

There were different wheels for the front and back. The front were a combination hub and brake drum. The rears were also brake drums, but bolted on the the rear axle in a more conventional manner. The rim itself then bolted onto the brake drums with 8 decorative acorn lug nuts.  The driver’s side drums had LH threads and the passenger side drums had RH threads.

This car equipped with a 389 topped by a tri-power (3-2bbl) carb setup produced 318 HP and 430 lbs. of torque in factory trim.

A 1968 Firebird 400 rounded out the Pontiac line-up.

This 1972 Plymouth Duster is apparently no stranger to rain. Yet looking at it, you'd be hard pressed to find any evidence of 3,000 mile trip the owner had just finished.

This 1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee is equipped with the Ramcharger twin scoop hood and emblems

A '57 Fairlane in stock trim stock trim is painted Starmist Blue over Dresden Blue.

If I have my facts right this is a '75 Corvette. 74's didn't have the extended "bumperettes" and in '76 the black rub-strip extensions were eliminated becoming an integral part of the body color bumper design.

Can you spot the difference between a '65 and '66 Shelby Mustang without looking it up? Most people are unfamiliar with the subtle changes between these years. This happens to be '65 in Sapphire Blue.

OK, now that you've gotten this far, all '65 Shelbys had rear quarter louvers. In 1966 the louvers were replaced with small windows.

The last car was this custom coupe. It appears to be a '39 Chevy, but I'm not sure. If you know for sure, drop us a note, we'll update the post with your answer.

We are looking forward to a dry and mild August event.