What do you do with a car you've owned for 47 years?

I met Ed Bearden at the Peachtree Corners car show. This is the Mustang he bought in June of 1965 for $2,752.16. He's had it ever since. Ed told me he hot-rodded the original engine, driving it to an inch of it's life on the drag strip.

After a sitting in storage a number of years, Ed decided it had been neglected long enough. The engine is a replacement he found on the cheap, The restoration took several years to complete. It is his pride and joy now.


I ran into Ed at another show this past weekend. Something I was really happy about. Seems in my quest to capture Ed's story, I hadn't taken as many photos of his Mustang as I thought I did. So I'm adding a few more to update the post. After talking for a while Ed told me he won a trophy at the Peachtree Corners show and about a few updates he's made since then. 

About 15 minutes later, I saw Ed walking towards me. "Did you notice I don't have the mags on anymore?" I apologetically said, "No, it never even dawned on me". "I had taken the stock wheels and hubcaps off because I was having trouble getting the whitewalls really white. I figured it out after the show. How do you like it?" 

As Billy Crystal used to say, "You look marvelous!"