Meet The Red River Triumph Club


A Successful Club to Watch

Garagistry recently spoke with Dave Pilcher, Events Coordinator for the Red River Triumph Club, and found a successful, active and growing car club that represents a great example of what the classic car community represents. 

Founded in 1982 in the greater Dallas Metroplex area by a few car mechanics who “found each other” and realized they had a common passion – the joy and excitement they experienced while working on British-made automobiles.  Today, the club has approximately 115 member families and has grown steadily over the past 5-6 years, not a common occurrence for many clubs.

The RRTC achieved national recognition if you were to only consider the uniqueness of some member cars.  Club members have two of five Southern Cross (1932-1937) editions known to be in the US. Members also have two of perhaps 75-80 Roadsters thought to be in the US.  Additionally, the club has two of three known 1952 Triumph Renown Limos in the US. The RRTC also achieved national recognition during the 2011 Vintage Triumph Register National Convention in Breckenridge, CO with the Club Participation Award recording the highest attendance of any Chapter attending.  Clearly, this is a club dedicated to their cars and the welfare of the classic car hobby and welcomes all British-made automobiles. 

Elements of Success 

Two specific elements drive much of the success the RRTC experiences:  Activities and Communication.  This shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone, but the RRTC literally attacks these issues with a passion and desire not often witnessed. When asked what would represent a great car club, the answer was immediate: “Active Members”.  The RRTC believes they have grown at the relative expense of other local clubs specifically because they are as active as they are. Monthly drives around the Dallas Metroplex area supports the club’s philosophy that member’s and their cars exist to enjoy the driving experience.  To be a member in good standing includes an implied understanding members participate in some driving event during the year. In fact, they modified their Concourse rules to require the entrants be driven vehicles; as said, “trailer queens need not apply”. 

Pilcher explained the club meets every month for a business meeting, keeping members involved and current.  They also sponsor a monthly Saturday Morning Breakfast Club meeting that is primarily a social function sometimes linked to a drive program. 

As their national recognition award confirmed, the RRTC is very active supporting the regional and national level Triumph programs.  Common to regional programs are rally activities, auto cruises, a Concourse event and parking lot driving skill fun games. The club has also hosted three National Conventions (1988, 1997 and 2006) which is a testament to the club’s spirit and willingness to assume the responsibility to support their hobby.  If the “every 9 year rule” applies, the RRTC could host the National Convention again in 2015. 

Communication is Key 

Although Club’s activities and functions are impressive, we think their focus on communication is also noteworthy. The RRTC uses multiple means of keeping members informed and reaching out to new members.  Email is the primary function due to its ease and timeliness.  A monthly newsletter is published, and the Club’s website stays current.

Pilcher acknowledged the problems with clubs having outdated web sites with broken links, inactive email addresses, or no current contact information; nothing will turn a prospective member away faster than poor or no means of communicating with the club.

A RRTC club member serves as webmaster for their site, and updates it regularly as information and events require. Two communication features the club is planning to reactivate or expand are a phone-tree and participation in the Triumph national “Traveler’s Assistance Program”, providing local driver assistance for club owners. 


When asked what outreach program the Club utilized, Garagistry learned a great idea. The RRTC uses pre-printed “post-it” type note pads with a simple message “you (your Triumph) were found by”, and then signed by the Red River Triumph Club with their contact information.  These notes are then placed on the windshield of cars “found”.  Members also use typical business cards for use at car shows, drives and conventions. 

Summary - Our Take-Away Points 

Two final questions perhaps best illustrate what makes the RRTC a successful, growing and active car club. Better yet, maybe their answers will help other clubs enjoy the same success found here. 

Question: What would you want to know if you were interested in joining the Red River Triumph Club? 

Answer: “What does the club do?  What is their purpose?  Does the club do the kind of things I want to do, such as drive time, social functions, and offer technical support.” 

Question: What would you want prospective members to know about your club? 

Answer: “We have a blast!  Our club is a great group of people who will literally give you the shirt off their back to help you.” 

We welcome the Red River Triumph Club to Garagistry and wish the Club and its members a successful and rewarding experience in the years to come.