“If you are going to help these kids, you'll need to organize the posse first”

 And that's exactly what they did
"We had another event scheduled for the day, but due to some unexpected and last minute changes, we had to cancel the event," said Bruce Hatfield, President of the club. "But as the saying goes, "If all you have are lemons...make lemonade." 

On June 24, the Hendersonville Antique Car Club pulled together a new event to help out Special Needs Baseball. Priscilla Whitney, the club's Treasurer told us, "It was a last minute plan, but with everyone's help we made it happen." "It was a great day, the kids had a really good time and we raised $850 for Special Needs Baseball." 

Over 60 cars showed up for the event which was held at a local landmark, the Puncheon Camp Creek Ranch. 

The ranch is the result of a local businessman, Bub Hyder, who created a replica western town, complete with a gas station, general store, post office, bank, and hotel.
"The setting was perfect for a car show and even better for the kids," said Whitney. "The ranch is not open to the public, so without the help from the owner we never would have been able to do this," she continued.
We interviewed Donnie Jones, who started Special Needs Baseball in the Spring of 2011. "I had been a baseball coach for a really long time." "Over the years I saw a lot of children with special needs sitting in the bleachers while their sister or brother played ball."  
"I had the idea of starting a League for these kids, but it never took shape until the day I sat down with a few people I knew in the Hendersonville Kinawis." "They helped me organize the league and get support from local businesses." "We supply everything to the players." "Donations are used to purchase the equipment, uniforms, hats, and trophies."

The league has grown from about 40 players to over 80 and expect it to be over 100 players for the Fall league. 

To learn more about the Special Needs Baseball League, please visit their site.

You can learn more about the Hendersonville Antique Car Club and how to join here.

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