Alpharetta, GA - July, 2012

Anyone who tells you the Classic car hobby is dying, or it's just for Boomers, or it's all about '57 Chevy's needs to go to an event like this. This is where it all comes together. There were people in all age groups, an extraordinary assembly of all types of Classics, and numerous modern cars. They were all here for the same reason, the love of cars.

By 8 AM, the temperature was almost 90˚. The air so thick with humidity it filled the space with a movie-like atmosphere making everything seem farther away then it really was. The sun beginning to creep over the tree tops bathed the scene with a reddish glow that changed the colors of the cars on display. 

Cars were streaming in from 4 different directions, some for display, others carrying people who came to look. As I hadn't brought anything worthy of display, I drove to a far end in search of an out of the way parking spot. I soon realized there was no such place. Before I could gather my camera and backpack, the area around me was filling up with Classics of all types.

Whatever space was still left was filled with the hundreds of people already there. Some stopped to talk with owners, others were taking pictures, the rest moved through the sea of cars.

It that a '67 Chevelle hood on a '65 Impala?

For more information about the Caffeine and Octane show visit their website