at the Beat the Heat Car Show

It's pretty easy to find a few GM Classics that have been modernized at almost any car show or cruise-in. That's why these 2 caught my eye. 

The first is a '57 Fairlane. From a distance it looks pretty traditional. I'm not 100% sure, but the rims appear to be an old set of beautifully restored Ansen Sprints with their distinctive "D" shaped slots. The bright work was like new and the black paint showed off the tremendous amount of work done on the body.

This body style was only offered for 1 year. I like it because it's unique. The '56's remind me more of the same year Bel Air, while the '58's appear to have been influenced by the Mercury and Edsel line-up. The forward tilting hoods were standard from 1957 to 1959. Years before and after were all hinged at the cowl.

Speaking of hoods, when I finally peered into the engine bay...sat a large displacement modular Ford V-8. I would have enjoyed talking with the owner, but I could not find him. If you are the owner, please drop us a note. We'd enjoy learning more about this Ford.

A few cars away sat this 1980 Ford Pinto Wagon wearing a set of Cragar SS rims. I spoke with the owner, Kevin Evans. This is his story. "I bought the car about a year and a half ago for $5,500. I've been driving it ever since, haven't put a dime into it so far.  

"I take it to a lot of shows. It's so unique that a lot of people don't even know what it is," said Kevin.

I asked Kevin if it still had the 4 cylinder under the hood. "Long gone," he said. "It's got a 302 from a '95 Mustang Cobra."

Weighing in almost 800 lbs lighter than a '95 Mustang, this thing has to be quick. Kevin has another Pinto project underway at home. "This one's a driver," he said. Thanks for sharing your story with us Kevin!

I haven't seen an LS equipped Vegas yet. Then again I haven't stopped looking.