The cars at the Po Boys Riverstone Cruise-In included several T-Birds. None brought back more memories than the white '63. Looking at the dash, I recalled the first time I got to ride in one owned by my best friend's Dad. 

At the time it was like being in an airplane. The speedometer registered a red band of measurement instead of a simple needle moving clock-like in the dial. Gauges screamed for attention and even the simplest controls were fashioned after those on a plane. 

I vividly remember my concern over a steering wheel that slid around, until his Dad explained how it worked

Despite the fact the car was almost 10 years old, everything about that T-Bird seemed to confirm everything I had heard and seen about the future...fast, smooth, cool, and fast. 

This was one of the cars that formed my decision to be a part of the group that celebrated cars of the past.

There was another T-bird, I believe a '58. Nonetheless the dash was exquisite.
   How could you not like it?