Because History Does Matter - Really!

100 Years Ago

In 1911, Louis Chevrolet started
out to create an automotive coach building company. He only wanted to build and sell top-of-the-line, high performance, luxury automobiles. In 1915, his partner, William Durant, wanted to build a vehicle to compete with the Model T. Louis said "No", and he decided to walk away after selling his share of the company and rights to use his name. Little did he know how famous his family name would become!

The Chevrolet Motor Company quickly became very profitable and posed a real challenge to Ford. Within a year Durant bought a controlling interest in General Motors, the very same company that ousted him in 1910. 

Had these things never occurred, Chevrolet wouldn't be celebrating it's 100th Anniversary. There would be no Tr-Five's. Mr. Duntov would never have designed the Corvette, and the Beach Boys wouldn't have had any 409's to memorialize in music. The moral of the story is simple and direct: "history matters".

When It's Gone, It's Gone Forever

Since 1900's car owners never really thought twice about discarding the sales paperwork, manuals, and related documents they received the keys to their new vehicle. If any photos were taken, they would generally be of the people or places in the scene, not necessarily of the car itself. Photos were never taken and stories were never recorded

Today's Classic vehicles weren't classic yet, so they were left in fields, behind buildings or stored in barns because "it didn't really matter". Cars, although relatively expensive at the time, were essentially considered and personally and historically unimportant and therefore disposable.


Most owners and enthusiasts who appreciate classic vehicles acknowledge "some things do matter".   who appreciate classic vehicles believe "some things really do matter". For sure, most classic owners acknowledge they aspire to obtain those missing and "unimportant" vehicle documents related to their vehicle - it finishes the result. Also, having such documentation available could result in a significant increase in the value of their classic car. Regardless of the item or the item's value, we believe most owners simply enjoy having those artifacts connected to their classic. 

But, the connections we have with classics goes well beyond documents and receipts. Each of them has a story that spans at least 25 years. And because of that, there is a certain richness that cannot be valued in money alone. The loose change you found under the seat, the ragged receipt from a roadside Diner, or maybe a bottle cap from some long gone soft drink. Do you sometimes wonder how they got there or imagine what it might have been like the day the first owner took delivery? Has it been to the Grand Canyon, Daytona Beach, Disneyland or the Eiffel Tower?

"Its hard to believe that we could ever get back what has already been lost, 
but we sure could be doing a lot more to preserve what we still have left."

It's a very sobering thought to know that with every passing day another box of automotive history is being left at the curb, erased from a hard drive, or deleted from an account. Classics that have been parked and forgotten, along with the stories that gowith them will be left to fade away.And for every story that has been captured, there are tens of thousands that haven't been saved. The moral of the story is the same "history matters". This history should be captured while we can. Garagistry™ is here for that reason.

We're More Than Just Owners

We'd like to think that we are not just owners, we are caretakers. Caretakers in charge of the hobby, including our classics, our stories, the photos and the experiences we've had. What we protect is what the world will know about the classics we love in another 20, 30, or maybe even hundreds of years. 

You now have the opportunity to make a real difference and to leave your personal mark on automotive history. All you need to do is to become a member and create a Garagistry™ record with your stories, pictures, and memories. A record that is designed to stand the test of time. 

Remember, Preserving Automotive History...One Car At a Time® is not just a slogan. It's what we do.