Are worth remembering

I received a link to an interesting article the other day. It's a story about a classic that has been in a Family for generations. It wasn't because it was very valuable or very rare. It was simply because of the memories it held. Memories worth keeping.
Reading the article made me think about why I got into the Classic car hobby. I sure didn't get into it to get rich. Just ask anyone who's jumped feet first into the hobby. It's not for the faint of heart. So why do we get into the hobby? 

Speaking for myself, I got into the hobby because...well, because of a lot of reasons. I'm very sure that I'm not alone either. There's a part of it that's a mixture of nostalgia and memories, there's the enjoyment of restoring it, making it mine and in my own way. It's the ability to work on it with my own hands. To take a step back and be able to say that you did it yourself. To appreciate the design, the mechanics, and to drive it.

There is nothing else on the planet you can get that will deliver the same sensation of driving a classic. Whether it's all stock or heavily modified, there's nothing that even comes close. And everyone who sees and appreciates what you are driving gets to soak it all in, even if it's just for a few moments.

Then there's the enjoyment of getting together with other people who own Classics. Chance meeting or organized event, brass era, hot rod, or muscle car, it makes no difference. There's an immediate connection simply because we all have and appreciate Classics.

Garagistry includes many ways to connect owners and add another layer to the enjoyment of owning a classic. You owe it to yourself to explore the opportunity.

Remember, Preserving Automotive History...One Car At a Time® is not just a slogan. It's what we do.

Don't worry, we'll save you a spot online.

The Garagistry Team