Looking for the history of my classic was a...

And from what I can tell, everything I was told about it's history seems to be so far from the truth, someone could have made a movie out of it.

I guess the only consolation is that I'm not alone. How many times have you heard someone ask, "How can I get the history of my classic?" For me, it's in the hundreds.

Most Classic owners have the same problem. When their vehicles were new, not many people viewed them as a collectable. Paperwork was thrown away, the details were lost. If the owner before you kept any of these items, you'll likely never get them. Something I find even more saddening, is when everything that you would have really appreciated had been handed down to a previous owner, then lost or thrown away.

I find it rather ironic that I can pay a small fee and get a pretty decent history of almost any late model vehicle. Or if I want to know Auntie Em's maiden name, who she married, and the names of her parents, I can do the same thing. I can't do that with a Classic. Too much of the information was thrown away. What is still available is under lock and key.

Some owners do have additional resources available to them. Depending on the make of the vehicle or where and when it was built, it may be possible to order a copy of the production record. You might find a similar document tucked up under the seat, where it was stowed away during the production process. If it's rare enough, there's a good chance you can get even more information. 

But that's only the "tip of the iceberg". If you are fortunate enough to have had these records given to you by the previous owner, find them in a car (if what you have is a car), or can purchase a copy, it's still just a small part of the history. Yes, better than nothing, but it's sort of an empty shell.

In my case, none of that worked. I paid fees only to receive information that my Classic had no information available. The hope of finding anything tucked up anywhere was met with the discovery of "nests" and a collection of never eaten nuts and grain. If there ever was any paperwork, it had long since been removed or eaten by nesting critters.

If your searches ended like mine did, there's an opportunity for us to change things. It's called Garagistry™.

Don't worry, we'll save you a spot online.

The Garagistry Team

Remember, Preserving Automotive History...One Car At a Time® is not just a slogan. It's what we do.