I think I broke it

Of course that's not true, but it sure feels that way whenever I look for information to help me with my classic. I miss the "good old days" of the Internet when you could type in a search term and you actually got what you were looking for. OK, maybe not exactly, but a lot closer than what we get now.

Search engine "Bingo"

The large search engines have made some recent changes in an effort to filter out poor quality results. Instead of simply returning results, search terms are now "pre-qualified". Your requests are compared against thousands of other similar searches, where you live, sites you've visited, and even what kind of computer you have before getting any results. This means the search results I get are not the ones you get.

Next is what you get. Hundreds, maybe thousands of possible choices. Good information mixed in with absolutely worthless links. So we are left to poke and hope, going from link to link looking for what we want.

Forums and Specialty Sites

After completing hundreds of searches, I discovered sites that specialize in collecting and sharing focused information. They're called forums. The majority of the forums I found offered a basic membership for free. But, like search engines, results may vary. Some are very good, some are really bad. Regardless, there are issues here too. I use the term "issue" with great care, because the majority of them are a really good resource. I could tell a lot of really good people visit the sites and contribute quality information. I've become friends with some of them. I'm not bashing these sites, I'm just being honest about how fragmented the information is. So let's just refer to these conditions as trade-offs.

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